don’t point out things to cats with your fingertip - they got the point already and concentrate on your fingertip.

too bright to be fooled.

(and all the rest of semiotic fun: „le signifie et le signifiant“ de roland barthes, and wittgenstein said „nothing“ (didn’t he?) - don’t worry: i made it all up by myself, but i couldn’t kid a cat with all those somersaults and that woopeedoodadaa tightrope walking yet - so why should it fool anyone except me.)


> beste, das > pour en finir avec… > pokalbeweis >



enzyklopenwerkeln, ganz einäugig : im röhrenblickgewirr. ist alles unfertig : aber so ist es bei mir : work in regress, fasnachtig verkleidet als progress, unter allem halt immer bitz na ja : heut, grad jetzt. also gar nicht in eine richtung auf der zeitachse : aber schon damals heute : schreiben als plumpsklo : irgendwohin geht alles : wie das gedächtnis mit den menschlein hinter dem rücken spielt : kasperlitheater : wer weiss denn genau, was hinter dem aufbau abgeht : man weiss immerhin : ‚aufbau’ (!) : und denkt sich dann was : = ich sockle mich auf dem aufbau des ‚aufbauwissens’.
der sockel ist noch immer das geheimnis des individuums, das auf ihm steht. it’s so abhorrent that i have almost no other chance but to cohorrently fail. and i’m glad to do so (no chance to do not).


> katzenschlauheit > oh darwin : die fischstäbchen schwimmen! >



one out of many options, not the least favorable though : let's get home before we run out of gas (courtesy chuck berry - but i might have had that idea too). if we know where home is, that is.

"endstation! nach allen richtungen umsteigen!" (o-ton buschauffeur in pfäffikon zh.)


NO! N : nachruf : nichts nirgend niemand nie : O : obituary : oh only one existence, and how missing!

now we are not supposed to wonder, but to grief : and so it is : the cat is dead. there are no words to comfort us : she is gone. no words will ever comfort me, ever. it is as it is : gone for ever.

the gods who invented dead, he or she or they (if there is a quasi committee of them) should be condemned to eternal grief; the gods, who do not exist, and therefore are not responsible for nothing and any of the sort of it, should finally be run over by a car : the sooner the better.

fate : if you can hear me (you seem to be deaf anyway) : hammer yourself, then let your hammer rest and take some comforting pills : have a rest or hide in a tomb (but never ever use your bad spells on any existing thing or existence anymore : you suck - and you sure know it!) : you are no good for any of us - put a spell on yourself, harm yourself and let us fuck up in peace. we surly can do worse than you, but we can do better, once in a while, if you let us wish our wishes and let us : whatever : not that we know what to do with our wishes, but : leave us alone! it can't get worse.

GODS, GODDESSES, FATE! : under whatever name you make your appearances! : FUCK OFF! we don't need you! you are a pain in the bum, and even worse : in the heart (which you tend to talk to, don't you, but which you only exert).

in one word : there is no need for you. there is enough pain - got it? (get a fucking life and do with it what ever you want - 'but next time you see me coming you better run' : no kidding here pal - i will come after you : be scared : i'm worse than you : cause you taught me! (and for gods and fates sake : i'm a good student, worse than that : i've got a brain; even worse : i use it, and worst: i use it against you! (and you, supposedly the brain of all brains : forget it! there is no brain at all. it's only blood pumping through a system - the important things got nothing to do with it : it's all there (metaphysics), and we are all a bit short of it. or something. i'm here, i'm listening. i'm wide awake : and all i can say is : YOU STAY OUT OF MY LIFE! : 'cause i've got one. AND I MAKE YOU TO STAY OUT OF IT - UNDERSTOOD!)))

no, it can't get any worse - no relief :


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