Desire (short CV)

„i’m not even acquainted to my old desire“ bob dylan (in (‚love and threat’ (sic!)) LOVE AND THEFT it is! : ‚bye & bye’) :
tz’ all not where i am (and i’m not intending to go to visit that canyon again if i’m not forced to; ie. i’m not going back, no i’m not!) : and, well yes, i was there, but i’m shuffling along, dragging my love-live-along-to-no-where-and-back-and-forth : hoping, still (live sentence, i guess).
: and there is a teddybear where ever i go, big surprise aye, bun!
(all the blown up teddy bears : all the desasters. KA-BOOOUUUMMMMM!)
sure all (pure) sadness - without end.
(am waiting for the ‚free teddy bears’ campaign : those poor teddy bears should be freed one day, out of the slavery of all those lonely crying kids (wetting the poorpoorsuffering bears with tears, right, right), shouldn’t they : give a frigging catnip on a rolling happy cats back : riding into the waste lands of ‚there is a better whatsthefucksoever’!)

((i’ve got one cigarette left and the night is still waiting.))
„get a live pal!“
ok. (i’m so sick of all of that.)
i’m doing better, i’m fine. (pretentious, very.)
((shut up schtupid!!!))
was that a discursus or just a monologue? pretty obscure, right. i give a crying tear about it : but it’s true and i know it.
that was my CV so far, i might revise it, probably, most probably not.
fare ye well my teddies... fare ye well